Post corona plans

Cougars share their plans for once the COVID-19 pandemic dies down.

Elizarraras visiting family and friends in Honduras.

Sebastian Elizarraras

Elizarraras visiting family and friends in Honduras.

Ashley Dixon and Claire Nguyen

“Go to the food court to get Charlie’s again.” Zoe Huddleston (9)

“I don’t know.” Sean Gerbosi (10)

“I plan on hanging out with my friends and hugging them all! It’s so hard to keep a distance from them and hopefully, once this is all over, some of the bonds broken over quarantine will rekindle!” Peyton Rieger (9)

“Emerson and I have planned an entire trip to New Orleans; from the places to see to the foods we want to eat. We got it all planned out, even have a playlist for our drive there.” Ceerat Oveissi (11)

“I plan to spend a lot more time with my friends and family. I’m definitely going to go out more and explore new places. I’m probably also going to go on vacation with my family.” Ryan Nichols (11)

“I want to visit some college campuses and just go out more with friends!” Jordan Chong (12) 

“I actually want to start volunteering at the ocean institute to get a head start on marine biology.” Veronica Becerra (11) 

“Go to Ireland.” Karina Yousuf (10) 

“Disneyland!” Cade Roberts (12)

“Road trips and college showcases for softball out of the state.” Chloe Stone (10)

“After I am freed from the cell that holds me, I shall feel the warmth of the sun upon my face, I shall smell the grass of the earth, the birds will fly and I shall follow them. The wind will blow and I will follow it to the place I long to be. Then, and only then, will I truly know freedom. But for now I sit and wait, looking, longing, for the great outdoors.” Kason Huynh (10)

“I would get the vaccine to protect others around me.” Colleen Hilliard (11)

“My plans are to get the vaccine, go see a movie in a theater, and maybe go to a convention.” Siena Killinger (12)

“My plan is to get the vaccine, but I will remain indoors as much as possible due to the unfortunate fact that many will choose not to get vaccinated, as professionals have said that the vaccine may be useless as a result.” Nick Mugnai (12)

“I’d prefer to go back to how things were before. Right now, I’m still able to practice, go to work, and see friends, but I want to be able to compete again and see friends that are more cautious about the virus. I also want to be able to go to crowded events again like, Disney, Knott’s or concerts.” Cody Hopkins (12)

“To go to Knott’s Berry Farm. I just got hired there and was so excited to work at my favorite amusement park, but then the virus happened and it got canceled. I really want to work and do it at a place I love. My other main plan is to go back to school. I miss it so much.” Nora Peterseil (12)

“Finally see all the friends from school that I didn’t see during summer break, and go back to wrestling practice with the Capo team.” Trent Houle (12)

“I plan on traveling and visiting relatives!” Gaby Wheelahan (11)

“Hopefully we can go back to school and I can hang out with my friends more without worrying about getting sick.” Avery Brostrom (9)

I might go visit my grandparents in New York this winter if it’s safe.” Jeremy Capozzoli (10)

“Start going to the movie theater with friends.” Rinoa Redington (11)

“What I miss most is experiencing this amazing life with people. When this is over, I’m going to live remembering Lin Manuel’s words ‘Nothing here is promised, not one day.’” Sebastian Elizarraras (11)

“I want to go to farms, shopping malls and go berry picking with friends.” Rye McGowen (10)