Pandemic pastimes

Quarantine left Cougars with a lot of free time…. and a lot of inspiration.

Thomas’s animation emits a sense of brightness and creativity.

Sophia Sandhu, Copy Editor

We all have hobbies that we love that take our minds off of the world around us. Right now, there is no better distraction than a new hobby amidst the chaos that is 2020. Whether it was a trend or something they’ve always wanted to try, many students have felt inspired to explore their creative side over the past six months. For sophomore Isabelle Le, that has been through an app called Depop. 

Depop is an online platform that allows people to buy and sell old clothes and accessories. Recently the app has gained a lot of popularity, especially among young people. However, for Le, her inspiration came from something more personal. 

“I have a passion for fashion. I love styling clothes and experimenting with what I wear,” Le announced.

Once quarantine set in, Le found that her house was riddled with items that would be perfect to give away: clothes, shoes, phone cases, earrings, purses you name it. Rather than just throwing everything away, Le took advantage of Depop, and her love for fashion, to create her own online fashion marketplace. 

“I take pictures of the items and then write a description on my profile. I also have to manage transactions and coordinate shipping, and it’s a lot of fun!” Le exclaimed.

This new hobby has been a chance for Le to immerse herself in something she loves while being productive at the same time. Not to mention it’s good for the environment! After months of selling clothes online, Le intends to continue with her newfound hobby even as the school year progresses. Over the summer, however, it helped her get used to the independent lifestyle we all have been forced in to. 

“It really helped me fill my free time over the summer. I couldn’t see my friends, but I could still occupy myself with this new hobby,” Le mentioned. 

Many students have admitted to picking up a new instrument or maybe a new sport over quarantine, but senior Bryn Thomas decided to try something a little less conventional. Using just her iPad and Apple Pen, Thomas started to experiment with animation.

“I’ve had ideas written down for so long and I finally got a chance to sit down and make them happen,” Thomas presented.

Thomas uses a feature on her iPad called Procreate that helps bring her ideas to life. In the few short months that she has started animating, she has already done commissions for those who truly appreciate her unique style. 

“I would describe my style as contemporary with a big focus on lines. I definitely have a bright aesthetic and I love using light colors,” Thomas elaborated. 

Animation can be tricky, and Thomas is no stranger to that fact. She embraces the process so that in the end, she is always able to create something that she is happy with. All it takes is some patience and a little bit of creative will-power. Though the sluggish summer days of quarantine have come to a quick halt, she hopes to be able to find the time to continue creating her little masterpieces. 

It hasn’t been easy transitioning back to the quick-pace of school, especially after getting used to spending so many hours a day doing nothing but watching TikTok or Netflix. Hence, spending time exploring a new hobby will allow you to focus on yourself and take the time to detach from your everyday routine. You may even find a new passion in the process!