Stay at home setups

Teachers are creative with their at-home classroom.

Colette Reitenour and Angel Perez

Cheryl Johnson: Marine Biology 

“I have two exterior monitors set up together, and I got additional light sources for my early zero period Zooms. I also bought this beach background to use while we’re at home.”

Huy Nguyen: Physics, Chemistry

“I decided to teach on campus for the convenience of having access to chemicals. Many labs can’t be done at home, so I’ll bring it here and do it under my document camera. I can still give my students the same depth of detail as they would get in class.”

Emily Tucker: Drama

“I just wanted there to be these little easter eggs that students could recognize and be like, ‘I saw that! That used to be in the black box!’. It was important to me that students felt welcomed. When I’m at school and I have all the playbills and the posters, I want students to be able to feel like they recognize the wall behind me.”