Humans of Capo

Humans of Capo is a spin-off of the popular blog Humans of New York, a compilation of interesting stories from people with many different backgrounds.

Kellen Edwards and Chloe DaSilva

“I look up to my grandpa because he is a hard worker, motivated, skillful and smart and I aspire to be like him. When I grow up I want to become an engineer and hopefully I can also use my experience in soccer to pursue that.” -Shayne Daly (Freshman)


“Managing schoolwork and being VP of CV Character club can be stressful, but I’ve learned that it’s important to have a balance in life. In addition to academics, I enjoy playing video games and talking to my friends which makes school a little less overwhelming.”-Naik Khairzada (Sophomore)


“I have had no troubling experiences so far besides trying to stay in touch with my friend group. I was very close with them to begin with, but then when quarantine hit it was hard to hang out with them. And it’s difficult because I had a very special group of friends and they meant a lot to me. And now I’m here sitting, thinking about what else to do.” -Ivan Morataya (Junior)


“When I first found out I got a role in ‘Almost, Maine’ I couldn’t believe it. I remember being so excited. I wasn’t expecting much since I was new and a lot of people auditioned. I’m so thankful for this opportunity especially since it’s my senior year and I can’t wait for everyone to see the final product of the show on Nov. 5-7!” -Catlin Phan (Senior)