We’re all in this together

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the positives of COVID-19.

Sophia Sandhu, Copy Editor

I know the last thing you want to hear is people telling you to, “look on the bright side” but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. If no one else is going to do it, then I will gladly step in. The world as we know it has changed, and arguably for the better. From politics and technology to the way we spend time with friends and family, COVID-19 has had no limits. We have all experienced the pandemic in our own ways. Senior Liam Collins has some insights of his own. 

“It has been really nice not having my entire life be dominated by classes and waking up to get to zero period. It has definitely been a needed breather,” Collins shared. 

With classes being shifted from completely in-person to online, students have noticed that they have more time for themselves. The 10 minutes that were spent getting from class to class is now used for stretching between ZOOM meetings, or simply taking a few minutes to get in the right mindset. In the long run, you can say that all the little pockets of time we have come by are a step in a positive direction. Not to mention the extra sleep we have gained now that our morning commutes are out of the equation. So, the next time you wake up in the morning five minutes before class, just remember, that wouldn’t be possible without us being stuck at home. 

I know it’s tough trying to find little things to be grateful for in times like these. If this sounds like you, maybe try asking yourself this: What have you learned as a result of the pandemic? What realizations have you made? Just thinking of how you have grown as an individual in the last six months is an act of appreciation in and of itself, and senior Sierra Glessner has done just that. 

“I was always taught the importance of people. I really miss hugging people and I realize now how much I took that for granted,” Glessner acknowledged. “Now I am making sure I cherish my friends to the best of my ability.”

Strangely, the pandemic has brought us closer to our friends. While we are physically apart, our spirits are closer than ever. Whether it be because we are all experiencing such a trying time together or because we are making stronger efforts to see each other whenever we can, it doesn’t matter. We know that as a result of the pandemic, we will never take the time we have together for granted.

While some of us have noticed changes in ourselves, others have noticed a lot about the world around them. If we continue to think optimistically, society as a whole has made some pleasant improvements.

“I have noticed how everyone is focused on sanitization. The bathrooms have never been cleaner!” Glessner proclaimed. 

Not only are bathrooms cleaner but almost all public areas are being scrutinized about their cleanliness. While it is essential now that facilities are clean, far in the future when COVID-19 is a nightmare of the past, we will be thankful that a new standard has been set. I know these little things seem negligent when compared to the big picture, but it’s important to think positively every once in a while. It’s ok to be upset, but just remember, we’re all in this together.