Freshy fears

Freshmen reveal their fears coming into the school year.

Kellen Edwards, Features Editor

“Some fears I had were probably finding my way around the campus in time to each of my classes. And since there are older high schoolers, I was afraid I was going to get bullied or get made fun of.” 

-Hennessey Synnott

“One of the things I feared most about high school was the classes. Another fear I had was making sure I got all my work done and kept good grades in all of my seven classes. I guess one other fear was learning a new instrument for the marching band. My grade in that class depends on me learning that instrument.”

-Mia Leiva

“The thing I feared the most is that the classes would be harder and we would have a lot more work to do compared to the little amount of work we had to do in middle school.”

-Emma Sweet

“When coming to Capo, I feared that classes would be ten times more difficult and I would have to manage my time well. I feel that you have much more freedom in high school than in middle school. There are so many different classes you can take, and you can take part in many different sports and clubs. Capo was my school of choice, so I was a little scared to meet new people and interact with them.”

-Arjun Narayanan

“One thing I feared about coming to Capo was that grades are taken so seriously. I was also afraid I would miss out on high school experiences because I’d be so caught up in doing good in school. In high school, you’re more independent and you need to learn certain skills such as time management. Back in middle school, we depended on teachers to give us the notes, etc. but it’s much different in high school. Other fears I had would be leaving a bad first impression on others, not making new friends and not being as involved as I should be.”

-Kaitlyn Yainna

“One of the things I feared was coming to a bigger school. I was also worried about how grades would be taken more seriously in high school. One of my biggest fears is not getting straight A’s.”

-Gavin Puccini

“Coming to Capo, I just feared not knowing my ways around the campus or not getting to know many people since we started the year the way that we did. I came from a charter school (K-8), so I don’t feel that I got a full middle school experience. So far, I just think that the schedule and more challenging classes are the more obvious differences from middle school for me.”

-Peyton Hitzler

“What I feared coming into Capo was doing online school and having to do hybrid, but I knew it would be fun! High school and middle school are very different, high school seems more serious even though middle school has more responsibilities. When going back to school, especially since I am new, it is scary knowing that the campus is big and that I would have a hard time finding my way around. But I do know that once everything goes back to normal it will be an awesome experience!”

-Riley Mercado