Schooling choices

After being introduced to a new way of learning, students began to form opinions of their own on which way is preferred.


Maya Panahi, Copy Editor

The reality of online school is that it is our new “normal.” It has changed our daily schedules, getting ready for school routines, after school plans and so many other things. During these uncanny times, many students might be anxiously waiting for the moment that we are fully back in school, but for others, maybe this online school might not seem like the worst thing. 

Of course, there are a lot of advantages to both ways of school. There are multiple elements to each way of learning that make each seem like the obvious choice. Bringing online school into the picture has introduced many new opinions on which method of school is the better option. Freshman Sarina Salari thinks that there is a positive side to online school. 

“It teaches you how to be independent which can be really important for us,” Salari claims. 

This is true; we are alone in our homes, trying to figure things out. At times it can be really challenging, but this will teach students skills that will help them for the rest of their lives. 

While there are advantages to online school, freshman Kaitlyn Yainna shares some of the disadvantages that have most affected her.

“Online school does require a lot of screen time which isn’t healthy for us,” Yainna stated. “Plus, we have less social interactions which have led to fewer opportunities to meet new people and make friends.”

Being in front of a computer for hours on end isn’t good for students. There are fewer ways to get out of the house these days. After the students finish their six hours of classes, they’ll most likely spend more time on a screen because of the limited options. 

Social interaction is a major part of high school and we are missing out on this. Of course, this might not be big on the priorities list for some, but for others, it’s really important. At the same time, online school can be more useful to certain people according to their personal schedules.

“I may consider online school in the future because it is a good alternative if I have a busy schedule with more extracurricular activities,” Salari explains.

Online school can free up more time, therefore allowing students to focus on activities outside of school. Many students that are serious about a sport might find that online school assists them with their time management. 

For other students, there is something special to in-person school that cannot be replaced by online school. 

“I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think that there should be an option to do just online school,” Yainna claims. “An important part of school is the friendships you make and the social skills you learn because, in addition to academics, you also take these skills with you throughout life.”

There are lots of social skills to learn while in high school, and if you are not in school to learn these skills, it might affect your future. Who knows? The friendships you make in high school might even last for the rest of your life. But you’ll never know if you aren’t there to experience it.

In general, I think a student’s opinion of which way of school is better depends on what they are trying to get out of their “high school experience.” It depends on what your priorities are. Is your priority to make life-long friendships, or is it your priority to try to make it into a college with a good basketball team to join? We are all unique in this way because we all have different things we want to achieve in these four crucial years of our lives. Because of this, we will all have different opinions about what form of school is best for us. There is no right or wrong answer to this, it is just what works best for you and your needs.