COVID commits

Some of Capo’s outstanding athletes have committed to colleges.

Ellie Wingen, Entertainment Editor

This school year’s seniors, class of ‘21, are getting prepared for their futures after high school. The college application process has left our seniors tingling with excitement and nervousness. Due to COVID-19, however, many universities have changed their application requirements. 

Along with this, many colleges across the country are changing their recruitment processes. Unlike other recruiting seasons, this year’s was different for a multitude of reasons. Most student-athletes visit the schools they are thinking about attending to meet potential future teammates and coaches, watch practices and witness the day-to-day life of a college-level student-athlete. Due to restrictions on travel, this recruitment season is causing more stress on these individuals.

Many fall semester sports are being canceled, rescheduled or moved entirely to Spring Semester. This left a large number of Capo’s students who were relying on, or hoping, to be recruited during this time with a feeling of disappointment.

Capo’s athletes are strong, however, and are determined to get through this difficult time. Varsity player Hope Neufeld is unsure whether her water polo season will be the same due to current circumstances. Although her season has been re-scheduled to start in December, Neufeld is uncertain how her season will turn out because of COVID’s restrictions. 

“Preparing for this season is going to be a lot harder because we can’t use equipment such as balls and cages,” Neufeld revealed. 

However, for athletes like Neufeld, giving up isn’t an option. It is essential to stay driven and determined during a time like this.

“I find it super important to stay motivated during this time. I still practice as much as I can, so that when season starts up again, I’ll be much stronger and faster because of the effort I have put in during this break,” Neufeld finalized.

Some outstanding student-athletes have been able to commit to college during COVID-19 and quarantine. Diver Zola Conot committed to UC Davis during the pandemic. Throughout the course of her recruiting process, Conot struggled to find the school that was the perfect match all while trying to keep in contact with the coaches she was speaking to.

Conot commits to UC Davis during quarantine. (Zola Conot)

“When COVID-19 first hit, I was right in the middle of my recruiting process. I remember feeling panicked because I knew this year was going to be different from any of the others,” Conot expressed. “Although COVID has negatively impacted almost all of our lives, it has also given me things to look forward to and aspire towards.” 

Quarantine left many athletes disappointed because of the lack of practices and competitions. However, many were able to focus on their futures while working hard with a positive mindset.

“During this quarantine, I had the time to really think about collegiate athletics and my future as a college-level athlete,” Conot added. 

While professionals still don’t know when COVID will die down, it is essential to have high hopes for your future. 

“One thing I am really looking forward to is national signing day with athletes all over the country,” Conot revealed. “I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to experience that in the late fall or early spring. I also can’t wait to spend the next four years of my life up at UC Davis!”