New arrivals in counseling

At the start of this year, we got some new staff here at Capo’s front office.


Vanessa Coleman

Sam Self, Copy Editor

It’s not so often that Capo’s front office gets new faces, but this year we’ve received two new staff members in our guidance department. These counselors help students every day with things like deciding and changing their classes.

Vanessa Coleman, the newest academic advisor, joined around halfway through last school year as a long-term substitute. Beginning this year, she continued as an academic advisor. Before she came to Capo, she worked as a counselor at Dana Hills.

“I love Capo a lot. I love the people here, my co-workers and the kids. I like interacting with the students in the environment,” Coleman detailed.

She is excited for the rest of the school year. Coleman has been adjusting to Capo students being online fairly well, too. She has learned Canvas rather quickly and has been getting things back on track. She is using phone calls, Zoom and email to contact students and parents. 

Jeanett Ordish has also been brought on to Capo’s staff this year. She works as the secretary in our counseling division. She used to work at a similar job at Dana Hills.

So far this year she has loved being at Capo. She has been getting used to things being online well, but there are some struggles.

“Everything has been challenging and different. The main reason is that we have lost most of the personal interaction that usually comes with our jobs every day,” Ordish explained.

One of the reasons that Ordish came to Capo was to spend more time with her kids. As both a parent and an employee, adjusting to all the new things at school has been a bit of a challenge. She is looking forward to the rest of the school year and can’t wait to continue on this new adventure.