Chefs of Capo

Students shared their masterful baking and cooking skills and their inspiration behind them.

Yousuf baked dozens of cupcakes for a Black Lives Matter bake sale.

Ashley Dixon & Claire Nguyen, Business Manager & News Editor

Mckenna Armstrong

“When I’m not busy with school or sports, baking delicious treats is where you’ll find me. Baking is always a stress reliever for me and being able to make such delicious food is a plus.” Mckenna Armstrong, Junior

“These are strawberry cupcakes with chunks of strawberry in the cake and strawberry purée frosting! I baked them for a local Black Lives Matter bake sale and we were proud to have raised $3000!” Karina Yousuf, Sophomore

Izzy Ghazarian

“Thai tea with boba is one of my favorite drinks! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to go out much to get any, so I decided to make my own. Poured into a Pengo jar, it looks just like the real thing (and tastes like it too)!” Izzy Ghazarian, Freshman

Cara Pretorius

“I have been obsessed with making milk bread recently, and this was the best attempt to date. My family loves it, and we’re never out of stock!” Cara Pretorius, Senior