Savoring a shortened season

As the shortened football season came to an end, the players reminisced on what made this season as great as it could be.


Photo courtesy of Cathy Cunningham

Nathan Krasner (Left) and Owen Taylor (Right) celebrate a win against Trabuco Hills High School.

Claire Nguyen, News Editor

Spring is usually not the time anyone is thinking about going to a high school football game. But because of COVID-19, the standard fall football season shifted to spring. Already, there was trouble on the field. 

“The change in the season definitely wasn’t what I wanted, but I’m still grateful to have the opportunity to play my senior season,” confirmed senior Justin Richardson. 

But with the bad comes the good. Since the season was later than usual, the team had a much longer preseason. During this time, they strengthened their bond and skills on the field.

“The extra practice has greatly prepared us on and off the field. It made us understand ourselves and how we play, as well as understand the offense and getting better as a whole,” described senior Dartanyon Moussiaux, who holds a school record for passing yards with 413 yards against Trabuco Hills. 

This is clear with their placement as first in the Sea View League with their three wins against El Toro, Trabuco Hills and Aliso Niguel. At El Toro, Capo won with a score of 28-21. At Trabuco Hills, Capo won by a landslide of 42-28 score. To conclude the season, Capo came out victorious against Aliso Niguel with a box score of 42-27. As for camaraderie, the team has felt closer than ever after the lengthened preseason. 

“As the months went on, we grew closer and closer. Things seemed bad, but it made us grow our connection with each other, which for sure helped throughout the season,” affirmed Moussiaux. 

While on the field, the members of the team are mostly thinking about themselves, but football is an intertwined sport. As much as one player’s difference is going to make or break a play, the team’s connection is what creates a winning game. 

“On the field, I focus on doing my job and I trust my teammates will do their jobs. I focus the most on running my route the best I can and getting to open space for Dartanyon to get the ball to me,” stated Richardson. 

A prolonged preseason wasn’t the only change to the usual schedule due to COVID. Because of government mandates and CDC recommendations, there has been a rule implemented that does not allow students to be in the stands. The lack of cheering from the players’ peers has changed the atmosphere of football games, but for some, it hasn’t created a big difference. 

“I think students not being allowed to attend the games makes it a little less exciting, but also less nerve-racking,” noted sophomore Dane Benedix. 

The end of football season is always a bittersweet time. Even though the timing of the football season was a change for everyone, the football team still managed to pull through to make this season memorable besides the effects of COVID-19.