Unity in Diversity

Multicultural Week is a great way to bring together cultures and celebrate diversity, but shouldn’t we be doing that every week?


Maya Panahi, Copy Editor

Diversity: The state of being diverse. We see examples of this all around our world every single day. It is what makes us unique and different from one another in a beautiful way. There has always been diversity, and there always will be diversity. So why has society still not normalized the topic?

Capo celebrated Multicultural and Unity Week early last month. Throughout the week, students were able to enjoy things like shared recipes, well-known musical pieces and artwork from many cultures. It was a great opportunity for students to learn more about different cultures that they were not familiar with, and it was a chance for students to share their own cultures with others. This week was useful in the way that it encouraged unity, but shouldn’t we be encouraging it all the time?

“We have one week devoted to learning about different cultures, but why can’t we celebrate diversity in our everyday lives?” questioned junior Tiffany Hy.

It’s clear that our world has to change in this way, but the question is how? Before focusing on how to create change for the future, it’s first vital to realize why making a change is necessary. 

“It’s important to recognize and appreciate diversity because it allows us to become open-minded and see the world from other perspectives. Learning about people from different backgrounds can help break down harmful stereotypes and reduce prejudice,” expressed Hy.

Every culture has its own customs that others simply might not be aware of. It’s these types of things that make each one so unique. Prejudice is a preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. We might find prejudice inside us if we do not bother to learn about other’s backgrounds, assuming false ideas out of ignorance.

There is no “right answer” as to how we can fix this, but we as individuals, a school and a society can do more to be inclusive and accepting to all.

“We should be including diverse narratives and lessons that promote inclusion within our curriculum,” stated a Capo student.

A lot of change can occur inside the classroom. It might be beneficial to take a look at the current curriculum to see if it assists the process of finding unity in diversity, or harms it. Curriculum that would assist the process should involve the perspectives of many different individuals, coming from many different backgrounds. This would be the best way to get a well-rounded and non-bias education.

It is also important that we, as individuals, make sure that we expose ourselves to other cultures and try to eliminate prejudice that we might have. We have to remind ourselves that different is okay. Not only okay, but necessary.

We have put aside this problem for so long as a society, and we now have to hold ourselves accountable for our actions. A world without diversity would be lifeless, colorless and bland. Our world with diversity is beautiful, and the sooner we embrace it, the sooner we will realize this. With diversity comes new perspectives, stories, views and so much more. When we all unite, imagine what great things could happen.