Quarantine Anniversary

As we look to a promising future, we must reflect on the past devastating year due to the pandemic.


Kellen Edwards, Features Editor

 Look, we get it. The whole proposition of this article sounds absurd. Why would we want to celebrate the anniversary of a global pandemic that has shut down the fabric of our existence and in an instant put on hold everything we had once taken for granted? Well, it’s good to reflect on this premise to see how all of our lives have changed.

On March 11, 2020, the coronavirus was officially declared a pandemic. Like many of us, I was excited when we originally thought last year we would be having an extended spring break. Instead, it eventually turned into a year sentence of house arrest and an excessive amount of family bonding and stress. But what can I say except, “Happy Anniversary! “

Ever since then life quickly started to change all around us. Schools began to shut down, jobs became stationed at home and our main human interaction became Facetime and Zoom calls. Plans for the summer were revoked and the future seemed to be nonexistent.

With sports, major events and social gatherings getting canceled we got to see what it’s like to hibernate for a year. Pajamas became our uniforms to wear throughout the day. Sleeping past noon and eating constantly became second nature. And for many of us, our daily exercise became rolling out of bed to binge watch Netflix, play video games and occasionally watch a hopeless news update about the virus. Once and a while when there was a glimpse of hope for normality, months passed by like our non-existent sleeping patterns.

Honestly, I was no different. I hadn’t moved more than a foot from my bed for months, I retained no sense of time throughout the day and holidays just became a blur in my mind. Thanksgiving was unlike any other day except just with more food and St. Patrick’s Day just seemed to disappear without recognition.

While most of us became frustrated and confused with what the year had caused us, we channeled that anger to start new hobbies and attempted new skills with the newfound time we had during quarantine. Whereas for others, we procrastinated on deciding to join them. 

During this time, many people also began to finish things that they originally never had time for. For many of us, it also gave us a lot of time to think about how precious our time is with friends and family and it broadened our perspective on how we view the world and our priorities in life.

As it seemed like all hope was lost in the world, we are starting to make it back to normal. Sports, major events and social gatherings have all returned and the future seems to be promising. And even though we may have lived through one of the worst years of our lives, at least we’ll have stories to tell to our grandchildren.