Humans of Capo

Humans of Capo is a spin-off of the popular blog Humans of New York, a compilation of interesting stories from people with many different backgrounds.

“I feel as though being our class representative has really helped me grow with being a leader, and has given me so many opportunities to learn from others in the grades above me.” – Marissa Samuel (Freshman)
“One of my greatest accomplishments from this past year was starting my club along with a few of my friends. I’ve always been involved in volunteering and leadership, but I really feel like we’ve been helping people. I think that taking these opportunities in high school and making the most of it will give me the life experience to help me in my career and in the future.”- Taylor Bitton (Sophomore)
“I feel like a lot of people try to find some sort of concrete meaning in the world. Whether that’s working hard and becoming successful or living a certain way and going to heaven, I often see it as the easy way out. Life itself might not have a definite purpose, but we have to accept that. I’d say although it may be easier to look for some sort of defined path to follow, you should go off and find your own meaning. For me, I want to help people out and enjoy myself a bit along the way.” – Jason Liu (Junior)
“My happiest moment was getting into college. During the school year, it was difficult trying to stay motivated and focused on schoolwork when so many things in my life were changing. When I found out that I got into the University of Utah I was relieved that I was able to accomplish my goals during these hard times.” – Sam Fulkerson (Senior)