A dive into water polo

This past year, water polo has been making their way through the effects of COVID-19 and making the best of what they had.

Water polo team

Water polo team

Sam Self, Copy Editor

Since beginning this strange school year in August, the water polo team has been training towards perfection, despite the problems caused by COVID-19. 

They managed to train with one another on occasion. As the months passed, some of their largest roadblocks were the issues stemming from COVID-19. As local infection rates have gone down in the area, events have opened up for water polo and Capo’s sports as a whole. 

“COVID-19 has changed practices because we couldn’t be in contact with each other, so practice was mainly passing, shooting, body position and swimming,” Junior Ashley Pugliese explained.

Normally, they would have been able to get together each week and be able to practice with each other, doing mock games and drills often. Even though the team wasn’t able to be together as much, they never stopped training hard.

“We started off just with simple cardio doing swim sets in the early months of training. As winter came around, we started doing more leg and ball handling work and running drills while continuing social distancing. We only started full contact training a few weeks before our games started,” Junior Nicole Harkins noted.

Eventually, the team was able to hold a few games near the end of the season. They managed to participate in eight games within only two short weeks. 

“It was great to have that chance to allow our seniors to have their last season and the rest of us to have all that training pay off,” Harkins remarked.

They were all relieved to finally show off what they have been doing for the past year at their competitions.