Changes to Online Learning

Students share their thoughts on the possibility of continued virtual learning.


Isabelle Le

Isabelle Le’s online setup

Jackson Briggs, Copy Editor

As this school year comes to an end, a question lingers on everyone’s mind: Will we have to retake online classes next year? Of course most of us are hoping that circumstances are better by next year. We can use this year as an example; however, if we have to take classes online again by determining what was good and what went wrong. 

Freshman Rylie Getty had taken all of her classes online. While Getty may not be able to speak when it comes to social distancing physically, she has determined that, from personal experience, and some of her friends, there needs to be a change when it comes to assignments and quizzes.

“I feel like teachers need to be harder on their students,” Getty stated. “I know from my close friends and other students in general that they feel like this is more of a relaxed time and don’t put in the effort or only complete half of their work,” Getty elaborated

Hunter Miller’s online setup (Hunter Miller)

I’ve also noticed this a lot. Students take advantage of their time at home by asking friends about specific homework assignments or just rushing through their zeroes so they can get at least 50%.

Hunter Miller, a sophomore, believes that communication has been somewhat troublesome in a few matters. Miller believes that being able to communicate with academic advisors is, as they are the ones who can give us guidance when it comes to grades, classes, and more

“I know for me, I’m about to go into my junior year and am about to start doing things that are going to impact my career,” Miller elaborated. “I’m two years away from graduating and moving on to college, and so having only two calls with the advisors doesn’t really give us the information we want, so I feel like we should really be communicating with them more often.”

Isabelle Le, a junior who’s also part of Link Crew, believes that some events should be held in person. It’s a good way for students to meet others of the same grade and help older classmen connect with the younger classmen. 

“Since I’m in Link Crew, I’m able to meet with the freshman and have those bonding experiences, and so I feel like even if we can’t hold major events, we should hold smaller ones so that others are able to share those experiences,” Le remarked.

I believe that all of these people have excellent reasons for what changes they think sh0uld be made. I, personally, have only met my Academic Advisor twice this year through a Zoom meeting, so I may not understand the importance of their job, but I do understand that for others who need that support it can be really important. For the first semester, I did hybrid learning, and I agree with Le about bonding through physical interaction. At the time, I hadn’t met my friends in about five months, so coming to school that day and being able to spend time with them made my day better. 

The school has made lots of changes to the way we learn, the way teachers teach us, the way we access utilities, and lots of other different things. While I do understand that these changes were, in some way, more helpful in the long term, it still doesn’t change the fact that this has changed so much for us this past year.