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Photo curtesy of Elika Bathaee

Capo Media provides a space for students to be creative and share their ideas.

Colette Reitenour, Illustrator

Capo Media is our school’s advanced film class, responsible for Capo.360 and promotional videos for ASB events. The class is made up of 31 talented filmmakers who share a passion for videography, animation, sound design and all the creative aspects that go into the production of their videos. 

“Everything video-related at the school is done through us. In typical years we make homecoming promos, set up stuff for pep rallies and we also release five or so episodes of our own show every year. It’s our own creative, fun project. We make little segments based on things at Capo, and we call our show Capo.360,” Producer Liam Collins shared. 

Limited gatherings have created new challenges for the class. Whereas previously a shoot would involve up to twenty people, the class has reduced the size of their gatherings to eight or fewer. “Make Ideas happen” is their motto, so even with the chaos that comes from COVID, Capo Media maintains their creative drive and creates impressive works. 

“It’s a lot harder, but I wouldn’t say that we’ve lost the ability to make high quality stuff. It just means that everyone’s taking on a lot more responsibility to make something. And then we have to also focus more on our stories and how we have to alter them slightly because we can’t use too many actors. Everyone has to be masked and we can’t meet up and learn.” Collins explained. 

Many aspects of Capo Media carry over outside of the classroom. Many students within Capo Media also participate in OC Film Fest that takes place every Feb. This festival is open to all schools within Southern California and put on by Film Ed, the company that supplies Capo with its cameras. 

“The class allows people the opportunity to make these short films. So I’ve been working on things with some people and then submitting some films I made up somewhere in this past year. It’s kind of an opportunity for people to like work on their own work independently, or form small teams to kind of direct and produce something,” Collins explained. 

Working together to produce their films has also led to a strong sense of community. Even with the more individually focused work that comes from COVID, Capo Media is inherently social. 

“My closest friends right now are the ones that I’ve met through filming in the past two years. It’s definitely my favorite community that I’ve been a part of because all of us, regardless of where we want to go in life, like to think creatively. To be able to do things because we enjoy doing them, not because we feel obligated to do so, makes us unique as a program. We enjoy the process of creating,” Collins mentioned. 

Capo Media usually produces five films a year. As of April 2021, the class has completed their fourth issue that you can watch here. They have plans for two more episodes this year, the sixth being their senior issue. They’re working closely with ASB to make something special for the class of 2021, but always strive to make something representative of Capo’s community.