Best in pass

Capo’s basketball team surges towards victory as the season progresses.


Photo courtesy of Nora Peterseil

Basketball stays positive throughout the ever-changing season and remains hopeful for the games to come.

Ashley Dixon, Business Manager

Following the rules of the game, Capo’s basketball team hasn’t been traveling, that is not to other high schools, with the girls attending one game against San Juan Hills and the boys attending three against JSerra, Laguna Beach and Aliso Viejo. Even with losses, practices remain as efficient as ever with fundamental skills being a priority rather than scrimmaging.

In an effort to remain socially distant and safe, basketball has adapted to a coronavirus-friendly practice scheme and mainly focuses on having fun and enjoying the game with a few scrimmage drills being peppered into the practices.

“We were hopeless for a while, but when things started getting better it didn’t really click that we were actually having a season. Now, whether we win or lose, at the end of the day, we are just grateful that basketball is still a part of our lives,” varsity player Nora Peterseil shared.

The boys’ basketball team largely share the same views, but due to their more consistent time on the court, there is still a strong desire to win and dominate, just as they did in their game against JSerra where they won 46 – 23. Sophomore Luke Degree also revealed that the team has held strong against some of the best in the league as well.

“We did surprisingly well against Aliso. Even though they ended up winning and scoring about 80 points on us, our teamwork and understanding of the game really helped us to perform as good as we did,” Degree recalled.

Overall, the season has gone exceptionally even with the given conditions of the pandemic, and the basketball team can only continue to perform to the best of their abilities.