Capo Fashion

Fashion can be used as a way to show individuality and express yourself. Here, you’ll see how some Capo students take this concept in their own hands and make it unique to them.

Maya Panahi, Copy Editor

Ashlee Vaughan

“I love to wear whatever I’m most confident in or what makes me feel happiest because I feel like style and fashion has so much room for experimentation. I kind of use my own personal style as a way to reflect my character.”



Aly Loreto

“I love layering my clothes and wearing long sleeves and turtle necks under oversized button-ups. I tend to keep a neutral color palette in my wardrobe and of course, I have to have my matching mask.”



Isabelle Lee

“The only way I could describe my style would be ‘in-your-face.’ Bold prints and bright colors are my best friends, and my moods and outfits often go hand in hand! Fashion is such an amazing way to express yourself, and I hope the clothes I wear can inspire others to express themselves unapologetically!”



Bella Masters

“I love expressing myself solely through the way I dress. It is such a creative outlet for me where I feel free to try new things and reflect my interests and inspirations through different pieces, whether they’re thrifted or purchased from stores. I look up to those who style themselves in such an admirable way!”



Julia Hess

“I really enjoy thrift shopping because you can find really unique pieces; I especially love jeans and bell bottoms. It is so fun to find clothes that you feel your best in!”



Maddy Havican

“I love expressing myself through fun, colorful, unique outfits every day!”



Katie Isenhart

“I love wearing summery dresses when I go to the beach, even though it may not be summer! The beach is a perfect way to show off your cute style while soaking up the sun!”