Behind the scenes

Every year, stage crew has worked hard making everything possible for them to be able to put on shows.


A set + props the crew made

Sam Self, Copy Editor

Stage crew does everything that needs to be done to put on the show before it’s time for it to begin. Everything that goes into the show is made by the crews, from the sets to lighting, to how the actors look and sound. For every production, the crews work hard behind the scenes to ensure everything looks good and builds the right atmosphere for the show. Of course, stage crew isn’t just one crew, it’s divided into separate parts that work on the different aspects of the show.

construction crew building a set

Construction crew does a lot of visual work on the show. They usually will build the set and put everything together that needs to be physically on stage for the performance. They get to work in the workshop and find materials and everything they need to be the way they need it. A lot of construction crew is also in paint crew; they take everything that construction did and add some color, either making it stand out or fit the theme of the play or musical. 

“Construction is one of the most fun and hands-on crews we have in the theatre arts department. The students are welcoming and you can get lots of good woodworking skills,” explained Jackson Garcia.

Hair and Makeup and Costumes are two crews that work closely with each other and with the actors. Costume crew comes up with and designs everything that the actors wear during the show. Hair and makeup works a lot on how the actors themselves look, rather than their outfits.

Costumes crew

“In Hair and Makeup, we get to research and design the actors’ whole look. For some shows, we can do special effects makeup and even get nominated for awards. Costumes works a lot with Hair and Makeup,” told Julia Hess. “For costumes, we figure out our time period and ideas for how we want the actors to look, and then shop, make, rent or use costumes from our costume room. We can alter, sew and dye costumes, and get the chance to create really unique pieces. All of the crews are so fun, and being a part of crew gives you a chance to be very creative.” 

Props crew works a lot on making, well, the props for the show. Props can be anything from a small item someone is holding to a severed head.

props laid out on the table back stage

“Prop Crew is really fun! In props, you make, create and rent. Props is an exciting crew, there’s so much you can do,” detailed Abby Brull. “Depending on the production, the props can go with a time period or be kinda funky. If you join props you can make and decorate the set. And you can say to your friends and family that you helped with the prop you see on the set or whatever the actor has for their prop.” 

Sound crew does a lot in making sure everything sounds good for the show. They control the speakers and the volume of the actors and the music. They get to make sure that all the microphones are on the actors and a lot of other behind the scenes stuff to make sure that the show goes smoothly.

“In Audio, students lear

severed head prop

n all about sound systems by managing soundboards, microphones and speakers. New sound students will train to be a backstage A2, then work up to be a board op and in the process develop important skills you can apply in other places. The sound system at Capo is like no other and the opportunity to work so closely with professional audio technology is something not a lot of high schoolers have,” broke down Alin Pichikian.

Lighting crew works a lot with how things will look on stage. They work fairly closely with the other crews to make sure that the colors and everything looks good together. They get to control all the lights and work with the lighting board and even go up into the catwalk.

“We work on lights, we work primarily in the catwalks and booth. We do a bit of programming for the show and sometimes use follow spots,” revealed Max Weiss.

Each crew works really hard to make the show come together. They put in lots of hours behind the scenes putting things together and making sure everything goes well for the show. Stage crew is currently working on the show Urinetown and it’s coming together really well so far. If you want to see what the crews have been working on, you can go see their upcoming show Urinetown.


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