Keeping the Pace

Some of cross country’s members share the mechanics of their excellent performance within meets.


Courtesy of Brandon Mordy

Cross country treks through the ups and downs of the pandemic-ridden season.

Ashley Dixon, Business Manager

Cross country is one of the largest sports at Capo and therefore has to abide by many strict measures. Despite being alleviated of certain restrictions such as masks, the team has to practice in pods with no contact to other pods being allowed. Regular meets and invitationals have seeped in some much-needed normalcy into the season.

Take some of their meets against San Juan Hills High School for instance. Sophomore Brandon Mordy had been itching to run, and alongside his team, was able to sweep the boards.

“We did really well against San Juan and got our top four runners in before they got their first in. It was super impressive and we almost got a perfect score!” Mordy shared.

Cross country’s meets and invitationals are always large, hectic events. Generally, close to a hundred, or sometimes even more than that, attend these competitions to show their support for Capo’s runners.

Mordy explained that the performance, spirits and unity of the team has remained largely unchanged even with the given issue of the pandemic. However, he believes that longer training intervals and extended waiting periods to attend meets has contributed greatly to the team’s slower times compared to last year.

An anonymous runner pitched in to share that the added difficulty of setting up meets and getting volunteers to assist with them also built upon the worry and stress of the runners and coaches may also be a reasonable explanation for lacking performance.

“The pandemic has definitely made things more difficult for the team, but I think that most of us are just happy to be able to compete at all,” the runner observed.

Even though cross country will not be able to experience their season to the fullest, many hold high hopes for the future and will continue to run their hardest for their team.