Fans in the stands

Since CIF allowed family members to be in the stands for games, should students be allowed in next?

Danielle Blyn, Sports Editor

Sports are one of the most exciting events of the week for most high schools. Students get to dress up, hang out with friends, eat food and be loud while cheering on their fellow classmates. It allows them to support their athletes in large groups and show school spirit in a way that not many other things can compare. 

CIF just passed the “all clear” for sports, such as football and basketball, to allow immediate family members into the stands for games. With this comes the question of who will be allowed in next. If students were to be allowed into the games, many different logistics would need to be figured out to keep all the students, family members, staff and athletes as safe as possible. 

Parents being allowed into the games, with social distancing, is raising more questions about who might be next. The first home football game is slated for Mar. 26 and with everyone preparing, students are hoping to be allowed in. 

With this want comes a lot of logistics as there are more students than there is room in the stands if social distancing is to be maintained. The question would also be, which students are allowed in over others and how do cohorts remain the same. 

Students are eager to get back to rooting for their school and friends since sports stopped last year. The student section, the Cage, is a large source of support for the players. They follow them on the road as well, with the crowd being almost as large as it is when the team is home. 

While the Cage might not be allowed to watch games quite yet, the band just got clearance to play at games, sitting in the end zone socially distanced. This brings a different sense of normalcy to the games. Though the student section won’t be there to sing along with the songs, the band can act as a pseudo Cage when they aren’t busy playing. 

Students should be allowed into games, however, as it heightens the morale of the team, and the school in general when they are allowed to play. The students are also able to interact more and keep creating friendships, something that has been harder to do with the pandemic.

With them in the stands, they can also reate a sense of community that is unlike other events at schools since football games are after school and allow people to be more open and expressive. While students are able to interact during a school day at breaks and lunches, football games allow for an uninterrupted few hours of talking and catching up you can’t really get in school.  

Restrictions in place, there is still room for the students to socially distance themselves, especially if they are separated by cohort. There could also be an RSVP system in which students can sign up to get into games so that there is a limit on the number of people allowed at the games. 

With students in the games, the team will be able to see and hear that their fellow classmates are rooting for them and want them to do well. Hearing the cheers from the stands while making a great play is unlike anything else and doesn’t quite feel the same in silence. 

The students would bring an added level of excitement to the game that the band and parents will bring, but won’t be able to match. The Cage has been voted the best student section in Orange County multiple times. 

While sports matches won’t be the same this year, even with family members and the marching band allowed in the games, the students will be missed from the cheering sections. Though they can’t cheer from the game itself at the moment, they can still show support in other ways by talking to team members during school hours and offering support through social media.