Serving up success

The tennis season has just started, but even with new COVID restrictions, the teams are looking to make things memorable.

Danielle Blyn, Sports Editor

Tennis is in full swing this semester. After being moved from the fall semester to spring, the teams have been training hard for the start of their season. They began their season at the beginning of March with a game against El Toro and continued it the next week with another match against Mission. 

The team has been working hard, with training happening every day for the past two months, working with playing against each other as well as doing various other drills to keep the team in shape.

Tennis, originally a fall sport, had to get pushed back this school year, after just narrowly finishing their season last year. Now, almost a year later, the team is ready to get back into action and start winning. Training is looking pretty different this year though as they try to get back into shape quickly. 

“Over the past two months, we’ve been playing almost everyday, having practice for two hours,” varsity sophomore Raina Haque commented.

Haque mentions that now that the season has started, with her winning her first two matches, they have bumped training down to around three days a week plus a game. The schedule is pretty similar for the varsity boys and both JV teams. 

The season is also quite different in that getting a spot was much more competitive than usual. The main reason: there’s no frosh/soph girls team this year so getting into JV, and thus varsity was much harder. The boys don’t usually have a frosh/soph team, so there wasn’t much difference there but with a lot of girls trying out and fewer spots being available, the tryout process was intense. 

Throughout the whole season though, the team has remained strong and worked on bonding with each other to build chemistry going into the rest of the season. They’re working on making sure their doubles teams, and the team in general, are flowing well in order to ensure that they are on the same page. 

“The camaraderie that we create makes competing fun. When we’re playing, we’re really supportive of each other,” JV sophomore Elizabeth Grulikowski mentioned. 

“Being on the team in general is a really great bonding experience and I love all the members on the team,” Haque continued. 

She also says that even though they can’t have physical contact after a good match, they find other ways to be supportive more vocally. Both Haque and Grulikowski said that being on the team and getting to compete is fun, even if they don’t always win the games they are playing. The competing spirit is there and pushes everyone on the team to be better. 

“Being on JV is definitely different [than frosh/soph] because everyone wants to be there and everyone wants to try hard,” Grulikowski stated. “It’s a different group of girls and I’m really excited for the atmosphere of working hard for a common goal and competing against harder teams.” 

Grulikowski continues by saying that the coaches are a huge part of why the team wants to work so hard this year as they push them to be better. The teams this year are looking forward to the rest of their schedule after having success against opponents they have faced so far, which include Mission and Trabuco. 

With their fighting energy strong at the start of the season, the tennis teams are looking to carry it throughout the rest of the games. Even after getting off to a late start, they are bouncing back stronger than ever. They’re hoping that all the tough practices they’ve had getting ready for the season are going to keep paying off.