You can’t escape the late

Cougars share the best excuses for being late to online class.

Ashley Dixon, Business Manager

“One student told me that they were feeding their cat for 25 minutes!” Señora Miller


“‘I had to restart my router,’ or ‘My wi-fi cut out’ are the two most common ones I’ve heard.” Kellie Hoang (10)


“This one works for both online and in-person: ‘My alarm didn’t go off!’” Michael Le (10)


“‘My computer was updating.’ For 45 minutes? Seems unlikely.” Izzy Ghazarian (9)


“The best one went something like this: ‘There was really heavy traffic.’ Left me pretty speechless considering it was a Monday.” Alex Nguyen (9)


“‘I’m here but my microphone isn’t working.’ I hear that one every single day.” Leigh Apotheker (11)


“My microwave wasn’t working so I had to wait for my cousin to fix it. What can I say? I didn’t want cold oatmeal.” Hy Nguyen (11)


“‘I thought it was an asynchronous day.’” Nora Peterseil (12)


“‘My brother fell down the stairs and I had to tend to him.’” Jahan Mohazab-Hosseinian (11)