Online and Organized

Students share tips and strategies on how to manage their time and stay organized while in online school.

Maya Panahi, Copy Editor

High school is a busy chapter in a student’s life. Between juggling clubs, sports, extracurricular activities and homework, trying to manage it all can get overwhelming. Now with online school, our normal schedules have been mixed up. Some students might find that it is hard to stay organized and manage their time wisely. Here are some helpful tips from some Capo students.

A major thing that contributes to students keeping up on school work is what time they actually sit down to start their work.

“I usually try to finish my homework right after school instead of leaving it until late at night, and to save myself from sleep deprivation, I wake up earlier the next day if I still have to finish homework,” stated freshman Ruhi Haryadi.

This may take a lot of self-discipline, but it can allow you to complete your work in time and it will increase productivity. As the day goes on, we get tired and start to lose the momentum that we might’ve had during school hours, so it’s best to do it the earliest that we can do it so that we still have some of the energy still in us.

If there is not enough time to complete all your work after school, then consider waking up earlier to finish it rather than staying up and going to bed late because of it. The morning can be a very productive time to get things done after you’ve had a restful sleep that restored your energy.

“One strategy I used is to have a planner where I write down all my school work and activities. It helps me stay on top of my assignments while I am online,” explained freshman Mia Leiva.

Writing everything down can help greatly with keeping organized because it makes everything seem less overwhelming. It will help it all seem more manageable and lets you see that you are capable of doing it all.

Sometimes the problem can be that a student feels like they are not using their homework time as effectively as they could be. When this happens, it might be beneficial to try making up a timed system.

“I usually use a method where I focus on homework for 45 minutes straight, then take a10 minute break, and then I continue homework,” brought forward Haryadi.

Doing things like this can keep a student feeling on track, and it can help them make good use of their time, even if it is just in small increments. Working like this may take lots of perseverance, but it will pay off.

“It is not too hard to manage time if you have a way of staying organized,” offered Leiva.

This is true, everyone just has to find the way that works best for them. Each person will vary because we all learn in different ways, but once that way is found, it’s not so tricky to stay on track.

These were just a few tips from students that can help others stay organized. Others can take this advice or be motivated to discover other strategies of their own. Our workloads can seem overwhelming at times, but with the help from our peers and self-discipline from ourselves, it’ll all work out in the end!