Post-application plans

What are seniors doing in their free time now that they have finished college applications?

Ellie Wingen, Page Editor


“Now that college applications are out of the way, I’ve had more time to relax and participate in hobbies like drawing and reading. I’m glad that I can take some time to myself without stressing over college essays.” Kathryne Lindstrom


“It’s such a relief to no longer have the stress regarding submitting college applications. Knowing it’s out of my hands helps me stay more relaxed as I hear back from schools. It is a great feeling that the hard work I put into high school had led up to this. At the end of decision season, it will be an amazing feeling to look back at the whole process and know that it was worth it.” Kacey Brewer


“Once I’ve finished football practice and homework, I typically work on ASB, film and MUN projects to keep myself busy. I am starting to prepare for school next year with independent studies for finance and economics, and have just recently picked up an internship for Katy Porter.” Jacob Scott


“I’m taking a course called Elementary Differential Equations at Saddleback during my free time this semester. I’m majoring in math in college so I’m taking the class to prepare, but mainly because it’s my passion and favorite subject.” Madina Entezar 


“There’s so much less stress involved now, and I feel like I can finally breathe for the first time since August when all of this started. During application season, and in the waiting period afterward, I was incredibly anxious about the decision. However, I was lucky enough to already hear back from my dream school, Chapman, which I’ll be attending for film production, and it has been such a stress relief.” Liam Collins