Hearts of Capo

Hearts of Capo is a spin-off of the popular blog Humans of New York, a compilation of interesting stories from people with many different backgrounds.

“We met through mutual friends but immediately connected over music and stupid bottom test scenario memes. I started catching feelings in January of 2020, and he did basically around the same time.” – Freshmen Kaden Wright and Ace Uy (couple)
“Being twins, we do everything together. I never have to worry about being alone before or after school. It’s nice that I never have to be scared that I’m not going to have any friends at summer camps because Will is always there too.” – Sophomores Ella and Will Mayer (siblings)
“What we’ve learned from one another is that misunderstandings are going to happen. If you take your partner’s words one way and they mean something totally different, you shouldn’t punish them. Let it go. They only become bigger problems if you let them escalate throughout your relationship.” – Juniors Tamara Duncan and Vinz Tisbe (couple)
“Since Megan is older than me, she gives me a lot of school advice. But also just about life in general. We have a really close relationship, especially compared to other siblings. We like to joke around a lot, and somehow we get along really well. I’m thankful to have a sister because she keeps me sane. I couldn’t imagine being an only child because then my mom would yell at me more.” – Sophomore Kate Armbrust and senior Megan Armbrust (siblings)