Fitness Beasts

Ryan Bommarito and Greta Burk display their tips on working out and eating healthy.

Kellen Edwards, Features Editor

Throughout the past year, it’s been rough trying to remain healthy and workout while staying at home. However, some students were able to improve themselves, pursue their passion and encourage others to workout through social media.

This year, sophomore Ryan Bommarito discovered his passion for fitness and decided to make videos on TikTok about the workouts he does to stay fit and build muscle. While influencing his friends to workout as well, he also presents what he eats to stay healthy and energetic during the day.

“Working out hasn’t always been my thing. I used to be quite skinny, but one main reason I began my fitness journey was inspiration from my friends,” Bommarito explained. “I worked out as much as I could while striving to improve. My diet was pretty sloppy at first, but I made the decision in early 2020 to begin a plan for what healthy foods I should be eating throughout the day.”

Senior Greta Burk has also decided to stay fit, eat healthy and persuade her friends to workout with her. She made the Instagram account “fitnesss.beast_” to benefit others by suggesting her workouts.

“I started my account just for fun and to bring some joy and awareness to everyday workouts. However, during quarantine, I realized how beneficial my workouts were since everyone was stuck at home and needed some motivation. I made it my goal to try and encourage everyone to stay physically and mentally fit during quarantine”

While working out is vital to staying healthy, what you eat is also a big contributor to building your ideal body and remaining in good shape.

“Long after my workout is done, I come inside and get in the right amount of protein which consists of eating chicken, fish and a protein shake. Your body uses these proteins as fuel to increase your muscle mass much faster. For dinner, I tend to eat foods like tilapia, which is a type of fish, broccoli and brown rice,” Bommarito clarified.

When working out, it’s important to consistently change your type of workout to avoid being tired of constantly doing the same routine. By interchanging your workouts, it will put an end to the boredom of constantly doing the same routine.

“I try to mix up my workouts each day to keep myself motivated and continue my passion and love for working out. I enjoy going to spin classes at LocoCycle, outdoor runs, kickboxing in my garage and creating my own HIIT workouts,” Burk expressed.

Working out every day can not only help you build your ideal body, but it is also proven to make you happier, improve your energy levels and reduce the risk of getting a chronic disease. 

“After I work out, I feel so much better, and it allows me to continue throughout my day with a smile on my face. Working out each day is a constant priority. For a week in the summer, I was injured and couldn’t work out like I usually do. That one week was extremely difficult for my mental and physical health. I realized how much I relied on working out,” Burk conveyed.

For all of us it’s important to remain active during these trying times, but the great thing is that working out is still within reach from the comfort of your own home. It may be hard to find inspiration to exercise initially, but it may be surprising to see your peers staying active.