Writers of Capo

This year Capo has had some writers that should be brought to the spotlight to share their passion.

Angel Perez and Sam Self

Molly Rae Britt
A selection of creative writing from a novel in progress.

“If the rough voice I heard him use just moments ago was scary, then anything and everything else about him would have to be described as terrifying. He has scars on every part of his body, the worst of it is his face. Parts of his cheeks are missing, he has a long scar down the center of his face, and his lips have scars that have been delicately carved on them in different shapes and patterns. One short glance would give children nightmares for years and, to someone much older, the nightmares would be accompanied by a pity for what he would’ve had to endure to survive. But it is his lips that are twisted into a sickening smile and his near-black eyes that send the sensation of icy fingers snaking down my spine. I want to look away, to shake this image from my mind, but I can’t. I am trapped, held there by our locked gaze and his firm grip.”

Sebastian Elizarraras
“This is, I think, the first poem I wrote not school required, a couple of years ago. It stayed in a Google Doc, but recently I got really into poetry and took it out, polished up the rhythm a bit, and I’ve been writing many more poems since. I always thought when I was younger, I’d turn out to be a novelist. While I still entertain that idea, I truly have found a love for capturing emotions, moments and little stories within poetry. This particular piece was written about the weird way we muddle through time, and the school/work system and schedule, a certain disparity in routine. Although truly I feel like, in my poems as much as any other, everyone can find their own meaning.”

“When hot, undoubtedly one has wished for a cool breeze
Gentle equilibrium has always been the human desire
Yet, Though I am wishing for summer,
the biting winter winds do not knock at my door
No, now it is spring, or so I am told
But what is the measure of a spring without rain,
without roses and without butterflies,
without the smell of new air?
I have lost touch with these for I am trapped behind papers and books,
screens, a digital fabric of reality.
Barred too, by concrete walls,
Though they all say we are put within those walls to learn how to get out of them
Well, when summer comes for me, all this will have passed
Yes, I wait for summer,
so I may yet experience the spring.”

Elise Piller
A piece of writing from the novel “Poison Takes Control”
“Avani picked up the glass and wrinkled her nose. She took a deep breath and drank the liquid. There was pain inside her, and she dropped the glass. Dark energy was forming and mixing with her earth powers. The pain was immense and it felt like she was being stretched apart. Her vision was obscured by the blackness of the dark magic. The black hole was never-ending, and yet she felt her knees touch the ground.
She felt Felix’s hand grasp her own, and she could hear him whispering reassuring things, though she was too focused on the pain to pay attention.
Then suddenly, the black turned to gray, and her vision slowly returned. The pain went away, and she felt much stronger than she did before.”

Kianna Young

“Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m working on right now. It may end up being a bit darker than most of my stories, but it’ll always have a happy ending”

“Gray grew up in a small town in the Oasis, with their parents Lumen and Nox and two siblings Ivory and Forrest. Gray’s father was known for his time spent in the military and how good of a soldier he was, so when he got a son he was thrilled to train Gray and get him prepared to carry the legacy that he had earned. As Gray grew up, they were treated differently from the rest of their siblings, instead of getting a loving and caring father, they got a hard and strict one. They wouldn’t be able to play with their friends when they wanted to and would be forced to do difficult tasks that were supposed to toughen Gray up but all it did was pull Gray’s confidence down and become more rebellious. One day, Gray decided to go against their father and to go and hang out with his friends. They woke up extra early and headed down to one of their friends’ houses where they hid for a couple of hours until the rest of their friends showed up. This was the first time that Gray felt free and not pressured to be perfect the whole time. As the day continued on, night fell and they soon had to return to their house. When they got there they were surprised with their father on the front porch holding what seemed to be a family portrait in his hands. Gray could already feel the tension as they got closer and just as about they were to enter their house and go to their room, their father grabbed their wrist. Gray looked up at their father, fear in their eyes as Nox tightened his grip on his son. They desperately tried to get out of their dad’s grip but every time they struggled the tighter their dad’s grip got, it was to the point when Gray couldn’t feel their arm that Nox let go and pushed his child inside the house.”