Tis the season … for training!

Some of Capo’s sports teams choose to train over winter break in order to maintain their momentum

Tis the season … for training!

Sam Self, Copy Editor

Cross country and soccer were busy training over winter break. Some of these teams were more organized than others. According to one of the sophomores on the cross country team, Brain Straus, they had a busy schedule throughout the break.

“Capo cross county has done extensive, six-day training for all two weeks. Every day we warm up along with stretching and a cool down after a run and do static core workouts,” Straus stated.

On most days, during their 14-day pause from regular classes, they still trained over the break. There was a different activity or workout each day of every week.  

One week of the cross country schedule (Noah Reynen)

“We usually run about 30-50 miles a week. Mon. Wed. and Fri. are our distance days, essentially six to nine miles, and then Tues. and Thurs. we do sprints sometimes ranging from 300-1000 meter repeats or hill sprints,” Hundley explained. “And then Saturdays are our long distance days which is when we run around 10-13 miles in the morning.”

The team’s coaches, Matt Soto and Traci Maynard, seem like they’re already anxious for the next races. While this team is already training for next fall, other sports like soccer were still training for what’s to come. 

Soccer didn’t have teams by winter break, so they were put into temporary teams. They were split into higher and lower skill levels with frequent removals and replacements. Over the break, Ananya Rao and her team did many drills for training.

“We did a lot of finishing, some shooting, some heading and some volleys. Along with that, we did a few activities to keep the team together while under pressure,” Rao described. “All of it was fun, but all the passing drills were my favorite. We were trying to get through to our team through pressure because it puts us in a sort of game mode and was a lot more fast-paced.”

These teams had a productive time over break while training. They stayed active and had fun doing it.