Pets of Capo

The pets of Capo are often only discussed between friends. Here is a closer look at some of the students’ and staff’s companions.

Danielle Blyn, Sports Editor

Bruce Carlisle- staff. Bobo, dog, 10 months old. “On the weekends, Bobo demands to rest in the bed while my wife drinks coffee and does the crossword.”
Andy Waldukat- staff. Oliver, dog, five years old. “He will look at you with his underbite and give you the guilt stare. He also only likes to eat after I put the leash on him for our walks and likes you to sit next to him when he eats.”
Jake Laderman- senior. Fern, dog, two months old. “Fern will run after Janet and attack her. She’s so much smaller it’s so cute!”
Jake Laderman- senior. Janet, dog, three years old. “Fern will run after Janet and attack her. She’s so much smaller it’s so cute!”
Leeza Lamb- junior. Lola, cat, four to six years old. “She loves to play with string and is scared of my hand when it is under a blanket.”
Leeza Lamb- junior. Barney, dog, seven months old. “He won’t stop until he gets what he wants, so he will jump super high to get a toy.”
Leeza Lamb- junior. Ranger, dog, two to four years old. “He can not and will not go into a room unless the door is cracked open. Otherwise, he’ll sit outside the room and whine.”
Leeza Lamb- junior. Lulu, dog, one to three years old. “She will get super close to your face and then run away because she is afraid, but then run up to you again and repeat the process.”
Rose Akbari- sophomore. Pumpkin (left), dog, 10 months old. “Pumpkin will use his paws to hit Cookie when they are play-fighting.” Cookie (right), dog, eight years old. “Cookie whines, yells and sings at us if we aren’t giving him enough attention.”
Marenna Spieker- freshman. Manhattan, dog, 5 years old. “She likes to guard my shoes, and specifically my socks.”