New Year’s Resolutions

Students share some of their goals and aspirations for 2021.

Ellie Wingen and Ashley Dixon

“I want to spend more time outside like going to the beach, for example. I am most excited about heading to college in the fall and living on my own in 2021.” Megan Armburst (12)

“In 2021, I’d like to read more and improve in sports and band. I plan to achieve this by setting aside more time to involve myself in these activities.” Niki Majidi (11)

“I definitely want to learn more songs on piano and master the one I’m learning at the moment because it’s been a really fulfilling hobby over quarantine. I also hope to increase my sales on Depop, a reselling app, by listing clothing items more regularly.” Isabelle Le (11)

“Work on a more positive mentality so that it benefits myself and others throughout the year.” Devon Vong (10)

“I’d like to be able to get a girlfriend.” Luke Degree (10)

“Take good care of myself, ensure I’m getting enough sleep and taking enough breaks.” Elizabeth Grulikowski (10).

“Stay happy, maintain a positive mental attitude, be emotionally stable and stay motivated. Also to keep up good grades and healthy habits.” Izzy Ghazarian (9)

“Check up on old friends and make some new ones.” Alex Nguyen (9)

“Rekindle bonds that I may have lost over quarantine.” Peyton Rieger (9)