Come on down to Urinetown

Drama has begun work on their newest musical.

Jackson Briggs, Copy Editor

This year is starting off strong as drama has opened auditions for their new musical, Urinetown. Urinetown is a satirical comedy about a town that is forced to pay in order to use the restroom and how the citizens have grown tired of it. Auditions were due by the 21st of January, after which they began rehearsing. The musical is expected to be performed or streamed from April 15-17th

Originally, drama had planned on doing Fiddler On The Roof as their musical, however a list came out from the MTI(Musical Theater International) stating that, among other plays and musicals, it would not be given filming rights this year. Because of this, as well as not being able to have live audiences, drama teacher Emily Tucker was forced to cancel it. 

At the beginning of December, an email was sent out to drama students stating that they would be performing Urinetown instead this year. She chose this for a multitude of reasons, some being that the props and equipment were going to be cheaper. 

This semester students did auditions online where they recorded themselves performing for the role they want, submitting it through Flipgrid and waiting for a response back. Some students, like junior Ryan Nichols, found online auditions to be less stressful

“It’s way easier because if you mess up, you can just restart and try again,” Nichols stated. In normal auditions if you mess up, you don’t get any second chances and have to keep going, which can be a lot more nerve racking,” Nichols remarked.

Courtesy of Quinn Rizco

Musicals are different in terms of auditions, as you have to do two different auditions; one singing and one dancing. During callbacks, students usually sing a different song and act out a different scene.

Drama is still in the process of working everything out when it comes to how Urinetown will be done. Senior Kristen Slymen, who is also the president of the Theater Arts club, commented on this.

“There will be a lot of figuring out to do on how the show is produced and put together, like possibly having part of the ensemble be online, but all the details are being worked out,” Slymen added.

So far, Drama has been powering through everything at a good pace. There’s still a ton of questions that still need to be answered, including filming, performing, the fact that a lot more students have transferred to online this semester, practices for both singing, dancing and more. However, they have good faith for this semester.