Talks on the Cabin Porch

Two students have taken it upon themselves to create a podcast of their own hoping to find and form some comfort during trying times.


Courtesy of Sebastian Elizarraras

The concept art for the cover of the podcast, featuring a cabin in the woods.

Danielle Blyn, Sports Editor

High school students are known for avidly listening to whatever kind of music they want, whether it be rap or classical. But there is also a new kind of “music” becoming more and more popular: podcasts. These segments that act like a new radio can range from five minutes to over an hour long and have a multitude of different topics. 

Two juniors have decided to start a podcast of their own. Isabelle Le and Sebastian Elizarraras recently came up with the idea of starting their own podcast during quarantine.

“We were bored, is the main thing,” Elizarraras laughed. “It happened out of us wanting to express something creatively that would connect people.”

Talks on the Cabin Porch is a podcast that stemmed from comfort, the outdoors, security and friends. 

“It’s like an escapism method,” Elizarraras explained. 

The duo is looking for people who have stories to tell. They want to feel as though they are speaking to the listener, rather than to each other. It can be a place not just for Le and Elizarraras to talk to each other, but to bring guests on and discuss different topics and experiences.

“We’re trying to create a chill atmosphere,” Le stated. 

“We want people to tell their stories and share little bits about themselves,” Elizarraras continued. 

Podcasts are slowly becoming increasingly popular as time continues and kids spend more time trying to make themselves heard and learn more about the world around them. 

Talks on the Cabin Porch is Le and Elizarraras’ way to make kids feel safe in times that have been tumultuous and uncertain. When it feels like there is nowhere else to go, they are there to provide funny, serious, sentimental and random conversations. 

“If this can be a place where people feel comfortable, maybe hear some stories, affirmations and pertinent conversations, over a cup of cocoa, then I feel we’ve fulfilled our goal,” Elizarraras spoke. 

Though the podcast isn’t out yet, the pair has been working hard to get as many episodes ready so they can release them when the time is right. The making of the podcast is not easy, as they often can’t be in the same room. 

“The only reason we haven’t met to record is safety. With Zoom recordings, there’s delays and sound quality issues but we’re trying to find ways to record,” Elizarraras elaborated.

Le and Elizarraras also had to find the equipment necessary for the recordings to sound good, as well as plan how to get their podcast out into the world so more people could listen to it. 

“There’s an app called Anchor through Spotify. On Anchor, there’s a podcast on making podcasts and how to structure your show,” Le commented. “Obviously we’re still trying to figure that out but we’re researching and trying to build on our ideas.” 

They hope to put the podcast out on Spotify, Apple Music and anywhere else you can stream podcasts or music. 

They took inspiration from other podcasts that had similar feels to what they wanted theirs to give off. Le and Elizarraras found they enjoyed podcasts where the hosts were able to be comfortable around each other and have deep conversations. 

The podcast as a whole is meant to create feelings of warmth, comfort and joy but Le and Elizarraras also want their podcast to have a bigger meaning and message. 

“It’s just about connections and slowing down. Almost escaping from reality for a bit. Just going back to the basics, sitting down, having conversations and connecting with people and the nature around you,” Le expressed. 

“It’s very much a grounding thing,” Elizarraras added. 

Le and Elizarraras have put in a lot of time and effort to this project and hope it comes out to be therapeutic for not just them, but everyone that listens. They are looking to spread joy and experiences that everyone can relate to.