Teacher of the Year

Chloe DaSilva, Opinion Editor

Cheryl Johnson: 

Cheryl Johnson has a bright energy that keeps her science classes fun and students interested in her class. Johnson strives to empower her students to get involved in the nature and science around them. Winning Teacher of the Year was a great honor and is definitely well deserved. Her students find her devotion to helping her students to be inspiring and meaningful.

Johnson is clearly passionate about her work and it is obvious that she cares deeply about her students’ success. She always has a positive attitude and tries to get her students interested in whichever topic they are learning.

“As teachers, we have the opportunity to be a part of our students’ lives and I learn something new every day from my students. I am passionate about making a difference, and teaching enables me to challenge myself to instill that passion in my students,” Johnson emphasized.

After college, Johnson began her first career in coaching kids on a racehorse farm, which kept her involved in being a role model for young generations. This is something she took to her career in teaching.

She hopes that through her class, students get involved in science and learn to be leaders in our world. These are both skills she has emphasized in her past 22 years of teaching. 

“I hope they realize that each of them can make a difference in our world. I love to see them become emotionally immersed in their learning and make meaningful connections to the world around them,” Johnson shared.

Johnson feels very special to be part of the selected few chosen for Teacher of the Year, and gives thanks to her students for encouraging her to be a stronger mentor.

“It is an incredible honor to have been nominated for Teacher of the Year by my colleagues, and to win is an even bigger honor. They continue to inspire me to be a better teacher by all of the amazing work they do with their students every day,” Johnson expressed.

Deborah Brincks:

Deborah Brincks has loved her 24 years of teaching at Capo and has touched the hearts of many students. Brincks’s passion for the English language and teaching about novels creates a welcoming and unique environment for her students. Throughout her years of experience at Capo, Brincks continues to encourage students to find a love for literature and writing.

It was only fitting for her to be one of the nominated Teacher of the Year recipients, and Brincks expressed her overall feeling of gratefulness and honor.

“It’s always humbling to be nominated for Teacher of the Year because there are so many great teachers here at Capo. Honestly, my colleagues are so talented and it sounds cliché, but to even get nominated is a blessing,” Brincks confessed. 

Brincks’s love for teaching about the art in novels has led her to be passionate about reading and conveying her appreciation for the English language to her students. She finds joy in seeing students understand and become excited about literature.

Brincks thrives in the midst of hectic students and loves the rollercoaster of energy presented by students in the classroom. She realizes her favorite part of teaching is the unpredictability of it. This makes distance learning a challenge.

“No day is the same, some days are crazy, but most of the time it’s really fun. You can never predict how the day is going to go and I just feed off of the students’ energy,” Brincks described.

Being able to adapt to the craziness of high school students makes Brincks so incredibly special. The positive energy Brincks emits reminds us how fortunate Capo is to have her as a part of our teaching staff. 

Heather Cintas:

Since 2008, Heather Cintas has enjoyed enriching young minds through English and making connections with all of her students at Capo. Cintas has always known that she wanted to be a teacher.

“I actually got to student teach at the high school I attended and had my former AP Lang teacher as my mentor. It validated my choice of career,” Cintas remarked.

In her 12 years at Capo, Cintas has discovered that the best part of teaching is forming strong bonds with students. She has a deep appreciation for teaching English as her classes have the opportunity to discuss real-world issues.

“My favorite moments are when we are talking about a novel and students are making meaningful connections between their lives and the characters’ lives; that’s definitely a highlight for me,” Cintas commented.

Some of Cintas’s most cherished memories are from graduation days throughout her teaching career. 

“I teach a lot of seniors, so to see them in their caps and gowns and feel their excitement is amazing. I taught the AVID program’s seniors and we would always meet in my room before the ceremony to be together one more time – there were tears, smiles and lots of hugs. Those were such special moments,” Cintas recalled.

Cintas’s dedication and ability to make a safe environment for learning make her a special addition to Capo. Her positive energy radiates to her students and it was no surprise to them that she was nominated for Teacher of the Year. 

“I love the faculty and staff at Capo and have so much respect for my colleagues, so being acknowledged in that sense is nice. I just feel lucky to teach here and work with such great people,” Cintas concluded.