Rocking Out

Talented students at Capo have put their musical abilities to great use in various bands.

Teenage Noise Band performing live at Pacific Kitchen in August.

Teenage Noise Band performing live at Pacific Kitchen in August.

Chloe DaSilva, Opinion Editor

Throughout our school’s halls, there are always students found jamming out to music through their earphones. Capo is home to members of various bands that create both renditions and original songs for everyone to enjoy. 

Teenage Noise was established in late 2019 in Orange County, California. They play music tributes across various genres along with their original music. The band was formed by freshman twins Grace and London Meredith with the early addition of a local friend and life- long guitarist Maddox Kennerson. In mid-2020, the three members finalized the band’s lineup with the addition of local bassist and close friend Shane Larkin, who is also a freshman at Capo.

The four members have closely bonded during their journey as a band.

“Teenage Noise has allowed all of us to spend time with each other while sharing similar passions,” Meredith stated. “We have grown so much as a band, and I think that’s because we’re such good friends. For a band to succeed, you need to enjoy the company of one another.” 

All members of Teenage Noise are on vocals, with Grace Meredith as the lead. Meredith is also on guitar, bass and keyboard. Kennerson leads guitar while Larkin excels at bass and guitar. London Meredith is the band’s drummer. Their strong bond has led to some memories to last a lifetime.

“One of our favorite parts of being in a band is playing live shows. There’s nothing like performing for an audience, and we’re all so grateful to have fun, make memories and share our love for music with the world,” Meredith vocalized.

It’s been a challenge for the whole music community to figure out what they’re going to do during COVID-19, as they cannot play any indoor venues. However, Teenage Noise decided to take this opportunity to practice and make improvements. Right now, they are working on an original, which has the whole band excited. They are thankful that they still can play some outdoor shows.

The members of Teenage Noise aren’t the only independent musicians that Capo has to offer. Junior Donovan Hess rocks out as a drummer in White Collar OC, another Southern California rock band based in Orange County. 

Formed in early 2018, the group’s influences include 70’s rock and varying modern styles. Straying from the likes of newer bands, White Collar’s artistic style tastefully blends older influences with a new, modern edge. Having played the Whisky a Go-Go three times by the end of 2020, San Juan Capistrano’s famous Coach House Concert Hall and several festivals, the band’s live performances are at the top of their game. 

In addition to White Collar, Hess is a part of Los Rios Rock School, which has recently revived the classic album ‘Pet Sounds’ by the Beach Boys. The reception of this project was overwhelmingly positive. The revival was placed on the Official Ballot for two Grammys in the 63rd annual Grammy Awards by The Recording Academy in the categories Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album and Best Music Film. Listen to their rendition here!

Despite all the ensuing chaos this past year, some talented musicians at Capo have persisted and continue to give their gift of song.