High school counselor of the year

Capistrano Unified School District honors Capo’s Darwin Vega as the 2020 high school counselor of the year.

High school counselor of the year

Ellie Wingen, Page Editor

As a high school counselor, Darwin Vega has put so much time and effort into the well-being of Capo’s students. After five successful years working for Capo, CUSD recognized his behavior and awarded him with the district’s high school counselor of the year for 2020. 

Vega has stood out to numerous students and staff. His colleagues and other teachers and administrators have all recognized Vega’s selflessness and devotion to his career. He puts in hard work and effort when assisting students to become successfully motivated and determined throughout their high school careers. 

Vega adds, “The reason I’m a counselor is because I want to try to provide that support for students at school. They spend half their time at school until they’re 18 or 22.”

As a counselor for high school students, Vega is able to understand and help students get through difficult situations. Vega truly saves people from themselves. No matter the circumstances, he’s always willing to put himself out there to help those in need. 

Vega acknowledges that students struggle with not only their academics. School attendance and social lives are difficult to maintain for many when entering the new high school environment. 

Anyone’s life can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Vega helps students recognize that they aren’t alone when they struggle and, as a counselor, he is more than willing to assist any student with any difficulties. Nowadays, his role as a counselor has changed. He not only helps students with their mental health but also provides a helping hand when discussing their future plans and goals. The need for assistance when applying for colleges and considering career options is a common fear students often find they don’t have. As a high school counselor, Vega works with students to help relieve this stress.

This year, Vega and his colleagues are online to offer support to Capo’s students. With the majority of this school year being online, the counselors use Canvas in order to get into contact with students. Although online school is a challenge for everyone, Vega spends countless hours trying to help students get through it.

Vega has made a tremendous impact on Capo’s students and staff and continues to inspire and encourage them every day.