Caretakers of Capo

Capo custodians are often seen on campus during the school day, but what they do outside a regular school day often goes unnoticed.

Danielle Blyn , Sports Editor

With all of the major sports and events that Capo carries, there is continuous behind the scenes planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Though parent volunteers are a big assistance, the Capo custodians help in many different ways. Throughout football games, water polo matches and marching band competitions, the custodians are ever-present to assist in anything that might go wrong. 

Often for big weekly events at Capo, such as football games, not much changes for the staff in terms of daily jobs and routines. But for events that are more sparse, such as dances and competitions, the staff often come in on weekends and work overtime to make sure everything is perfect. 

With this, the staff often gets the chance to communicate with kids outside of the regular school day. Whether it’s in between classes or outside events, such as during weekend practices or competitions. One of the staff members’ favorite events to work are the two major marching band competitions that the school hosts every year. 

“I like to be social with all those students, and I like music. I like to watch when they practice and when they do the big events and competitions,” main custodian Rigo Umaña Choto recalled. 

Choto has been working at Capo for almost 22 years and has seen a lot of change over the years. 

Choto says that a lot has changed about Capo since he started here, including the addition of the pool and the performing arts center that weren’t there when he started. Choto recalls that one of his favorite things about his job is the large group of guys that he gets to work with daily.  

“I see my two lead men. I like to work as a big team to strengthen and try to make the school neat and clean for everyone,” Choto stated. 

The custodial staff is often seen driving around campus on their carts, cleaning bathrooms or trash around campus. But one thing that they wished kids knew is how much they do this just to make Capo a better place for them.

“They can respect me and I can respect them. We appreciate when the students see what we do in the school for them. Then we see the students keep the school clean for us,” Choto explained.

Choto also said that he appreciates seeing the campus as a clean place for kids to enjoy hanging out with friends, eating and learning to better themselves. He and the other custodians are often there working to make sure that the learning environment, for both the kids and the staff, is running smoothly. 

With the many jobs that the custodial staff does, it is no wonder they are so well-loved for all the work they do for the sports and other major events that happen on campus. They could not be done without the help of Choto and the rest of the custodians we have on campus. In fact, Choto is nominated for Employee of the Year for the CUSD district for all the hard work and dedication he puts into Capo. 

So next time you see Choto, or any of the other custodians we have here on campus, take the time to stop and thank them for the endless hours and work they put into making the campus so beautiful.