Cross country

This team keeps moving no matter what stands in their way.

Jackson Briggs, Copy Editor

Sports are a significant part of what defines Capo Valley High School. No matter what grade you’re in, there’s always a team for someone. Cross country is just the same. Although this year has been different from the others, that hasn’t stopped these students from running to their heart’s content. 

COVID-19 put a pause on everyone’s plans and presented us with its own. Cross country was not an exception. Many of their races and events had to be canceled, summer training shut down and sadly, it didn’t get any better when the  school year started.

Races are a significant part of what cross country is. Months of training go into preparing for these events. Countless hours of training one’s body just to feel that rush of adrenaline that comes from competing. Without these races, a lot of students feel heartbroken. One of these students is Jack Stevens. 

Stevens is a sophomore this year and felt gloomy when he found out that many races were canceled last year. He felt even worse when he discovered that the season was going to be moved further back, making him crave them even more.

“I mostly miss the races. I miss the adrenaline rush, seeing your friends on the other teams and just competing in general,” Stevens expressed.

Jack Stevens in a race called Mount Sack, October 20th 2019 (Unknown photographer )

Stevens isn’t the only one who misses racing, as Thomas Mordy expressed similar feelings. Mordy is a senior and has enjoyed his overall experience in cross country. He’s sad that his last year at Capo is being modified so much, for he had hoped to end with a regular season.

“I have goals this year that I hope to accomplish,” Mordy communicated. “So I hope to achieve said goals, even if it requires some modifications and changes.”

Running isn’t the only thing that makes up cross country. Teams are what make a sport so much fun. The people who you practice with, who you compete with, who you share your victories and your losses with are what keep people coming back. That’s what Midiroi McConathy, a high spirited junior, loves about cross country.

“My favorite aspect about cross country is getting to know new people and making great memories with all of my friends on the team!” McConathy stated.

Sophomore Eli Janssen felt the same. She has done cross country both of her years at Capo and plans on doing it for the rest of high school. She has been running even before high school started, so she thought it would be a win-win if she could do it while being surrounded by compassionate people, and that’s what she loves the most.

“It’s wonderful having all the girls around you when you’re running, cheering you on and motivating you to push yourself,” Janssen remarked. 

No matter what reason you have, finding a sport is always beneficial in the long run. Whether it’s running races, practicing with some of your best friends or running for the fun of it, cross country has some of it all.