Cougar Gallery

Students at Capo have made some wonderful art this year.

By Nyaa‌ ‌Lehnhardt‌

Cougars By Nyaa‌ ‌Lehnhardt‌

Sam Self, Copy Editor

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Sunny By
Lindsay Taylor


This is a magazine collage that I made with magazine cutouts and glue. Most of the clippings came from National Geographic and travel magazines.






Behind a Mask
By Charlize Luu


This is a fanart for a show called “Mob Psycho 100.” In the show, this character hides behind a metaphorical “mask” to hide his fear. Later, he gains the power to fight his fear and takes off his mask.





Cougars Rock
By Emma Marquez


I drew this digitally with my tablet and honestly I love how it went. I made this because I love this school a lot and I’m so glad to have amazing teachers and amazing people to help me.





Eight Melodies
By Isabella Espinoza


A watercolor piece of the “Earthbound” characters to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the game. 






A Dapper Lad
By Alin Pichikian


A Dapper Lad has been an idea that was in my head for ages, he was made with watercolor and a touch of digital editing.







Citrus Scent
By Lindsay Taylor

A still life piece made with acrylic paints showing the citrus scene.






By Charlize Luu


This is just a dynamic pose practice with a favorite character of mine from “Mob Psycho 100.


Tea time
By Alin Pichikian


Tea time was made with clay and acrylic paint and features two frogs enjoying a nice warm cup of tea together.